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Ice Age Nordic Ski Club
High School Team

The Ice Age Nordic High School team was formed in
2005 for students in grades 9-12.  High school athletes
practice three  times a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, ,
and usually one weekend day.  Students are expected to
attend over 50% of scheduled races and events as well
as at least 75% of practices. The official team name at
races will be Ice Age Nordic.

Middle School Team

The Ice Age Nordic Middle School team was formed in
2005 for students in grades 5-8.  Middle school athletes
practice two to three times a week on Tuesday,
Thursday, and usually one weekend day.  Students are
encouraged to attend at least 50% of scheduled races
and events.
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Youth Ski Program

The Youth Ski Program was formed in 2008 for students
in primary and elementary schools. Kids in grades 1-5
can learn the traditional sport of classical skiing.
Practices are once a week on Mondays with a few
optional weekend outings. Starting in December, the
program teaches kids how to classical ski on snow.
The Youth Ski Program is divided into three levels and
with each skier progression, the skier will advance to
more technical skiing.

Dale Fanney is the Head Coach of the High School Team and supervises the Lodi Nordic
programs.  He started his skiing career at McGill University in 1971.  Dale has participated in
numerous National and World Masters events as well as several World Loppet Marathons.  

His goal is to bring the joy of cross country skiing to the Lodi community and build a
self-sustaining Nordic ski program.  Since he has to train hard, so will YOU!
"Train Hard- Race Easy!"
Alysa Bradley Hinde is an Elite Birkie skier and cyclist who started coaching the high school
team in 2015. She is working on her Doctorate program at UW and coaches one day a week
and weekends.

Currently on Maternity Leave!
Joe Bainbridge is the Middle School coach. He is a long-time aerobic athlete and retired
Pro-cyclist. This year he completed the 2016 Ironmann and hopes to ski another Birkie. Joe
is also the president of the Ice Age Nordic ski club.
Chris Soulier is an assistant High School coach and specializes in strength training. During
the early season dryland period, Chris conducts our strenght and fitness practices. Chris
also coaches baseball, He trains for the classical Korte or Birkie on a yearly basis. Chris is
also a member of the Ice AGe Nordic Team Board.
Nathan Haggerty  is a high School coach and ROCKET SCIENTIST.  He skied in High
School in Minnesota and then at UW. He is an accomplished Elite wave Birkie skier and